Our club has about 40 active members. We meet at 7:15 every Tuesday morning at the Red Apple Pancake House & Cafe, located at 2121 Plum Grove Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 (847) 925-8048. Please feel free to join us, or contact us at

Directions to the Red Apple.


Club Officers

2017-2018 2016-2017
President * Al Stoeckel Hank Sobotka
President Elect * Cindy Stoeckel Al Stoeckel
Vice President * Suzanne Ploger Eric Campbell
Treasurer * Michael Reiss Josh Staske
Secretary * Suzanne Ploger Eric Campbell
Vocational Services Kathy Millen Kathy Millen
RYLA Kathy Millen  
International Services Robert Steinberg Dan Cates
Rotary Foundation Bill Buchta Bill Buchta
Social Activities Cindy Stoeckel Cindy Stoeckel
Membership Matt Bickel Matt Bickel
Membership Co-Chair   Chuck Oswald
Public Relations Bill Pohlman Suzanne Ploger
Immediate Past President * Hank Sobotka Oliver Girke (moved)
Youth Exchange Officer Robert Gerowitz Rob Gerowitz
Youth Exchange Counselor Jaime Jarvie Jaime Suszek
Interact & Chamber   Josh Staske
Sergeant at Arms Hank Sobotka Kathy Millin
Program Chair Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
Literacy Chair   Anthony Auston
Web Master Chuck Young Chuck Young
Fundraising Chair   Mike Reiss
Fundraising Co-Chair   Mike Adzovic (moved)
Raffle Chairperson Dave Reiser Dave Reiser
Oktoberfest Co-Chair   Ed Fee
Oktoberfest Co-Chair   Jeff Johnson
Oktoberfest Co-Chair   Cindy Stoeckel
Oktoberfest Co-Chair   Al Stoeckel
Club Director *   Matt Bickel
Club Director *   Suzanne Ploger
Club Director *   Rob Gerowitz
Club Director *   Jaime Suszek
Club Director *   Josh Staske
Club Director *   Kathy Millin
Club Director *   Mike Reiss
* Voting member of the Board    


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