Exchange Students


The Rotary Club of Palatine has hosted Exchange students for 20 years. Each exchange student spends approximately 11 months in Palatine, attending High School and living with 3 host families. The Club also supports local students interested in living in a foreign country. The Rotary Student Exchange is different from other student exchange programs in that:

        •The students attend weekly Rotary meetings

        •There is support from the entire Rotary club, from the Rotary District, and from Rotary International

        •The students stay with us for 11 months, not just for the school year

It can be a very enriching experience for everybody involved. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.


Exchange Student History
Exchange students usually arrive in September and stay until July of the following year. This list of exchange students shows their year of arrival:

   1967 Cesar Alberto Martinez (M) Argentina
   1967 Dan Oisson (M) Sweden
   1971 Geeta Goel (F) India
   1976 Enrique Garcia (M) Mexico
   1976 William Francino (M) Brazil
   1977 Annika Sarvela (F) Finland
   1978 Hanno Hock (F) Germany
   1980 (W)Richard Downer (M) New Zealand
   1981 (W)Joanne Koehler (F) Australia
   1982 (W)Adolf Reffelbusch (M) Brazil
   1982 Keyi Kwawasaki (F) Japan
   1983 Kati Tammilehto (F) Finland
   1984 Jose Velasco (M) Colombia
   1985 Camilla Sigvartsen (F) Denmark
   1986 Akiko Maeda (F) Japan
   1987 Ulrika Broback (F) Sweden
   1988 (W)Juan Pabon (M) Colombia
   1988 Otacilio Arauza Neto (M) Brazil
   1989 Helena Lindhe (F) Sweden
   1990 (W)Jonathan Levin (M) South Africa
   1990 Prajna Pinky Desai (F) India
   1991 Catherine Dvergsdal (F) Norway
   1992 Thomas Ferrard (M) Belgium
   1993 Sacchan Matsumoto (F) Japan
   1994 Hector Farjat (M) Mexico
   1995 Thomas Christoffersen (M) Denmark
   1996 Catherine Bouleau (F) France
   1997 Vanessa Castilho (F) Brazil
   1998 Anne Hunke (F) Germany
   2000 (W)Danielle Hartman (F) Zimbabwe
   2001 Natasha Luzkova (F) Russia
   2002 Katsuko Mima (F) Japan
   2003 Christian Loy (M) Germany
   2005 Olga Linden Perez-Gavilan (F) Mexico
   2006 Nayra Prado Valerio (F) Brazil
   2007 Benjamin Thomsen (M) Germany
   2008 Pasit (Gup) Sopajaree (M) Thailand
   2009 Alejandra Aguero (F) Paraguay
   2010 Neielly Volpe (F) Brazil
   2011 Annika Meuser (F) Germany
   2012 Narra Julia de Souza de (F) Brazil
   2013 Don Wattanakul (M) Thailand
   2014 Anne-Charlotte Ritouret (F) France
   2014 Via Gaytan (outbound) (F) Colombia
   2015 Anna Del Magno (F) Italy
   2016 Emma Gerstenkorn (F) Germany
Interactive Map

(W) = Winter Exchange arrives in January and stays thru December of the current year.